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‘Tis the season…to shop!

Warmth. Family. Gratitude. Optimism. All of these words seem to take on more meaning as the leaves begin to change color and fall off the trees, and ultimately, as the holidays grow near.

This is also a time of year when consumerism takes an equal spotlight to all these warm feelings of togetherness and contentment. So, knowing how challenging these quests for the perfect gifts can be, we’ve gathered several tips to prevent you from succumbing to the strain of the holiday shopping season. After all, it’s the thought that counts…not the number of bruises sustained while clambering for the last Tickle-Me-Elmo doll.

So, grab a pen, some caffeine and get ready to strategize your way past some of the more painful aspects of the holiday rat race!

BrianBrian is House Party’s Community & Social Media Director, working with both our consumers and our clients to develop more valuable ways to build digital communities. Brian lives in Harlem with his wife, Kimberly, and Madison, an unbelievably cute and sleepy black kitten. When Brian isn’t skydiving or mountain biking he loves to travel, woodwork and peruse an old favorite, Calvin and Hobbes. Brian’s number one party tip is to fire up the grill – no matter what the occasion or the temperature outside, it’s just not a party without some sizzle! (That, and to ensure the makings for a good Manhattan are near.)

Black Friday’s right around the corner…

It’s that time of year again…Black Friday! Some of you may be rolling your eyes, thinking “Please, I’m holding out for Cyber Monday,” but we’re pretty confident that a good number of you will be participating in the annual tradition.


How to throw: A Mardi Gras Party!

It’s that time again – Fat Tuesday! You don’t need to be in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. Time for beads of purple, gold and green, and some seriously fun traditions! On this gluttonous holiday, you can also incorporate options to satisfy all your party friends – whether they have allergies or special dietary restrictions, or just want to stick to their new year’s resolutions! So, without any further ado, here are some ideas to get your Mardi Gras party started…

MelodyMelody is a Program Manager at House Party. She lives close to NYC and is usually out and about exploring the city. In her free time, she plays on a fun field hockey league and also likes to craft happy things like jewelry and personalized cards for friends and family. People have given her a slew of nicknames over the years, mostly “Mel,” but some other silly ones include Melbatoast, Melbee, and Hells Mel. Melody’s party tip: It’s the little details that make everything more special!