Halloween planning!

It’s time for Halloween planning to commence!! Costumes, candy, parties, chills and thrills – I love this time of year and am excited to get the party planning underway.

I put together a great compilation of Halloween party planning ideas last year, including Halloween fare, drinks and treats, so be sure to check it out!

Also check out this great Halloween Party Planner from Martha Stewart which details how to plan a great party from invites to food to decorations. I especially like her suggestions for easy ways to make scary sounds, old fashioned games, pranks and the monster glossary! Curious what a Hobgoblin is? Look no further! And don’t forget music for your party!

By the way, a great way to work off those candy calories is the Zombie Run – a 5K obstacle course race hosted in cities across the country where you can sign up as a runner, or a zombie!

What are you planning special for this Halloween season? Share with us here. And stay tuned for some costume ideas on the blog next week.

As always, for more Halloween ideas, check out our Pinterest Halloween board to round-out your list.

Liz Liz is a friend of House Party. Although an avid traveler, Liz is a Jersey girl who lives in a lakeside log cabin with her hubby, Chris and pup, Willow. Liz enjoys playing tennis, beach outings and entertaining. Her party specialties include cooking tasty and mostly healthy party treats for her guests and using her years of bartending experience to whip up delicious cocktails of all varieties.


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  1. Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. I was so excited to start celebrating it even more when I had children of my own. I know it just passed but I am already ready for it to be Halloween again.

  2. i LOVE decorating for halloween. wasn’t really planned but we’ve ended up with a spider theme. have spider webs everywhere and pictures in the windows that at night you can see giant spiders. i shop clearance after a holiday for the next year.

  3. We get a little ‘into’ Halloween in our house. I’ve started wearing my Halloween socks and all of the bathroom towels have been replaced with Halloween towels.

    Halloween is a fun holiday. Bright colors, fun recipes, costumes and candy.

    One day, I hope to have Halloween silverware.

    1. I love Halloween and count down the days to be able to start decorating and such without people thinking I’m crazy! This year I’ve been working hard on being crafty, and its amazing what you can make at home for little money and it comes out looking great (And its easier on your wallet then buying decorations from the store!!). Pinterest has some awesome ideas for anyone who needs a little inspiration.