35 gift ideas for everyone on your list

It’s that time of year — the holiday scramble and hunting for the perfect gifts! One tip to help ease the stress when it comes to shopping is to take note of gift ideas throughout the year as you come across them. If you haven’t been doing that this year, below is a list to get you started. And here are even more ideas you might find useful, including gift wrapping ideas! I also like to keep a secret gift ideas board on Pinterest and note specifically who each gift will go to.

Gift ideas for…

The busy person:

1. Weekly healthy meal plans – This site does all the work for you when it comes to planning healthy, simple recipes for the week — for an individual or a family — and pulling the corresponding shopping list together. I use this from time to time and it offers up such flexibility and convenience. ($5/individual download or $18.99/month)

2. iOttie windshield dashboard car/desk mount cell phone holder – Since so many people rely on their phones for GPS these days, give them a mount to help with the drive — works with a wide variety of phones. I have one and use it all the time! ($22.99)

The girlie girl:

3. Fleece lined leggings – Add extra warmth to this stylish wardrobe staple this winter. (up to $9.99/pair)

4. Baubles – Jewelry is always a hit and this site offers tons of reasonably priced necklaces, earrings and more.

5. Longstem® overdoor/wall organizer – Perfect for anyone with a lot of accessories. They also sell versions for men and kids. I have one and love it! ($69.99) Every girl loves bath products, especially when they come in festive flavors like Merry Marshmallow Kiss and Cranberry Twinkle.


6. Bath and Body Works gifts – Every girl loves bath products, especially when they come in festive flavors like Merry Marshmallow Kiss and Cranberry Twinkle.

The host with the most:

7. Metrokane Rabbit wine stoppers – These wine stoppers provide an air-tight seal so half empty wine bottles can go in the fridge sideways with no leakage, plus they come in fun colors! ($8, set of 4)

8. Ninja Blender – Blend up all sorts of concoctions for the party.

9. Games – Having an activity at parties always makes it more fun, so check out Draw Something Party Game and Taboo ($19.99 and $15.99)

The fitness guru:

10. Zombies, Run! App – Get fit. Escape zombies. Become a hero. ($3.99)

11. Spotify membership – Music is such an essential part of working out for a lot of people, and Spotify works on your computer, your mobile, your tablet and your home entertainment system. You can even download your favorite music for when you’re offline. ($9.99/month)


12. It Works! Weight Loss Wraps – The latest craze in weight loss, these special wraps claim to show trimming results in as little as 45 minutes!

The jokester:

13. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled® Spinner Jelly Bean Gift BoxIt’s a box of candy and game all in one! Use the spin wheel to decide what bean you eat, but beware because for every delicious flavor, there’s an equally disgusting look-alike. For example, the brown ones taste like chocolate pudding OR canned dog food! Be prepared for major fits of laughter as you dare each other to play. ($5.99 each)

14. Poo-Pourri® – With its tagline, “Spritz the bowl before-you-go® and no one else will ever know”, this gift surely won’t stink! Your friends and family will get a kick out of these while spraying some holiday cheer this season with scents like Secret Santa and Santa Poo. ($9.95 for 100-use bottle) 

The gadget lover:

15. Tile™  – Perfect gift for forgetful people, this little gadget is touted as the “world’s largest lost and found”. It can be attached to items like your keys, bike or wallet, then easily found with the Tile app. ($19.95 preorder)

16. Quirky.com gadgets – Check out unique gadgets invented by people just like you!

17. Thinkgeek.com gadgets – This site features oodles of fun novelties, like this shirt you can write on with a laser!

The person who has everything:

18. 23andMe DNA Kit– Definitely not your standard gift, this “spit kit” allows a person to send in his/her DNA to receive a full report on their ancestry and potential health conditions. ($99)

19. A fun experience – From massages to rock climbing excursions, an experience always provides a memorable gift. Look to deals sites for inspiration – a few of my favorites include Amazon Local, Groupon, LivingSocial and Airbnb.


20. Custom Cat Cartoon  Submit what you’d like this guy, Steve, to draw and he’ll create an original drawing on an 8.5”x11” paper then deliver it to you digitally and/or in the mail. Some people have even proposed to their significant other through these cartoons!($9.95)

The young adult:

21. Magazine subscription  – In this digital age, sometimes it’s nice to get a physical magazine in the mail. Plus, the magazines can be upcycled into tons of different crafts afterwards. I’ve used mine to wrap gifts, make greeting cards, picture frames and more.

22. Diamond candles – Scents like Fresh Snow and Cinnamon Pinecone will bring on the warm holiday fuzzies. Plus each earth friendly, all natural soy candle contains a surprise diamond ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000! ($24.95)


23. Upcycled antique silverware jewelry  This hip, wearable spin on an antique also provides a dose of nostalgia. ($20)

24. Homemade Tea Wreath – Get crafty and pull together this cool, easy wreath. Consider using holiday teas like Bigelow Eggnogg’n Tea, Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea and Stash Holiday Chai Black Tea.

The kid or kid at heart:

25. Back to the Roots AquaFarm – Self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! Just fill with water, add fish and plant seeds. ($59.99)

26. “Souper” Scavenger Hunt – Plant clues around the house that lead to a gift’s hiding spot – the hunt will be a gift within itself! See the “Souper Surprise” idea from last year’s gift wrapping blog for an interesting way to present your first clue in a used pop-top soup can.


27. Tokens to a nearby batting cage

The little ones:

28. LEGO DUPLO® brand Planes™ and Jake and the Neverland Pirates™ play sets   LEGO® DUPLO® preschool building toys are specially designed for the small hands and big imaginations of toddlers.

29. Radio Flyer® Ziggle™Get kids moving with this fun way to ride around – it lets kids twist the front and wiggle the back and off they go! ($49.99)

The foodie:

30. Spicy Sriracha Peas – Spice up the holidays with this crunchy snack. ($8.50)

31. Mobile Foodie Survival Kit This handy kit allows every foodie to take important organic herbs and spices everywhere so they can doctor up any meal, wherever they may be eating it. ($26)

The humanitarian:

32. Mission Belt® – These no-hole belts lets you customize the size with a unique buckle. Plus, a dollar from every Mission belt sold goes towards fighting global hunger and poverty through micro lending.

33. Red Cross donation – Help with disaster relief, especially with the recent Illinois tornadoes and the damage from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

34. Kiva micro loan – Change a family’s life by helping them get their business off the ground.

35. Heifer International donation  Give back to the community by helping families around the world meet their basic needs. You can also add a bit of humor to your gift – donate “a flock of chicks” then give a card showing the donated flock of chicks to your single male friends for a good laugh. ($20 and up)


What are some of your gift ideas?

Melody Melody is a friend of House Party who has worked with our Program Operations Team. She lives close to NYC and is usually out and about exploring the city. In her free time, she plays on a fun field hockey league and also likes to craft happy things like jewelry and personalized cards for friends and family. People have given her a slew of nicknames over the years, mostly “Mel,” but some other silly ones include Melbatoast, Melbee, and Hells Mel. Melody’s party tip: It’s the little details that make everything more special!


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  1. For an expensive gift… The spoiled child. Or the person who has everything.
    The phantom drone.
    Probably the best personal drone I have ever seen.balanced flight and they return if out of range. Also you an connect them to your iPhone. Check the website for more capabilities. They are so cool. Def best with the camera.

  2. Great article! Got lots of great ideas from this for future gift ideas. Thank you!
    Also, For the fitness guru, you had the ‘it works!’ Wraps as a gift suggestion. I really like their green products. You can get little single packets for bottled water and berry chews that are similar to a starburst but with all kinds of good alkalizing and energizing greens and fruit. So much better for people than energy drinks! Might also be a good gift for someone that lives in the northern hemisphere where fresh fruit is more expensive and good fruit hard to find. Oh how I miss California! Best fruit in America.

    Also a good Gift idea for a Christian, the KJV bible. Amazon has them for about 9 dollars(hardcover large print 12pt red letter kjv pew bibles by zondervan.)
    Also a strongs concordance, tan with pictures on it, and a vines dictionary. All three are absolute treasures! Best gift you can give is Jesus, which is the truth. <3 greatest love ever!

  3. Have you all tried the Diamond candles? I like the idea and all but I got something like that with money in it. The candle did not burn well, it smelled bad and it kept going out.