House Party

The House Party Blog is where House Party members, friends, guests, curiosity seekers and aspiring party-throwers, can come to get more from House Party beyond hosting our awesome events. The blog is a two-way dialogue (yes, we want to hear from you – often!) and provides an inside scoop on life at House Party, as well as recipes, party tips, entertainment and more.

Every week we bring you posts that touch on ways to simplify your life, make it more fun-filled and more exciting. Our blog team writes can’t-miss posts on:

- Family and kids
- Party planning
- Food (yep, that means recipes!)
- Entertainment
- Connected
- Lifestyle
- And frequent (and clearly humorous) looks inside our own House Party office and team

Our core blogger team “taking-the-field” is:

BrianDanielle, Larry, Liz, Melody, Shana and Stephanie. While this is quite a team, there’s only so much praise we can heap on them here (but they gladly accept cash and gifts from readers). For more info on each of these folks, click on each of their smiling faces to the left of this post.

So, be sure to bookmark this blog, share us on Facebook and Twitter, email a friend or add our RSS feed. Come on in and grab your party hat, it’s about to get awesome up in here!