The 4-1-1 on Leonora

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we interview a different member of the House Party Team, asking the big questions that are on everyone’s minds. In this post, we’re chatting with Leonora Gordon, our Consumer Marketing Director. Leonora joined House Party seven years ago.  She fills the office with her ever-happy persona, and is a go-to …(more)

Winter Instagram Profiles You Should Be Following

Meera and Brian here – and we’re here to share some of our favorite winter Instagram profiles with you. We’ve had a pretty mild winter here in the Northeast with – get this – 72 degrees on Christmas (thank you, El Niño)! So, even though winter’s begun to catch-up recently, we’ve been looking to Instagram …(more)

New resolutions, new you

2016. Yep, it’s officially here. And so, as we all tend to do at the beginning of a new year, we aspire to become better versions of ourselves in some respect with our New Year’s Resolutions. But wait – why is it that that term “New Year’s Resolutions” seems to nearly always bring about just …(more)

December horoscopes to wrap-up 2015

People read horoscopes for a wide variety of reasons. Some feel astrology can predict the future,  others read it just for fun and all opinions in-between.  Since we are wrapping-up 2015, I thought it would be fun to see what we have in-store for us in the remaining days of December.  So, feast your eyes …(more)

Keep the grilling hopes alive!

Though this is an extremely potent El Nino season in the continental U.S. (meaning many of us are still basking in unseasonably warm temperatures), the shadows of autumn creep ever-deeper and soon so too will winter temperatures. I know, I know – I’ve said it. I’ve jinxed it. Here comes all the bad weather. While …(more)

The 4-1-1 on Jane

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we interview a different member of the House Party Team, asking the big questions that are on everyone’s minds. In this one, we’re chatting with Jane Zucker, a Senior Campaign Strategy Director. Jane joined House Party over 7 years ago and ever since, we’ve loved the dedication to her …(more)

Fall and winter home decorating tips

Fall and winter are absolutely my favorite seasons.  The leaves start changing colors and there is a chill in the air that puts a smile on my face. As soon as those first leaves fall, I gleefully go into my closet and put out all my favorite holiday decorations.  I try to remain tasteful and …(more)

Gluten-free desserts for the holiday season

The holidays are rapidly approaching and while this means warm times with family and friends, we also know that it typically means one other thing, too…FOOD! This is easier for some folks than others though, especially if you have any dietary restrictions. Thankfully, after some delicious research by us, we can confirm that you can …(more)

Back to School: Fashion, Products & Trends Not-To-Miss

Now that fall is approaching, back to school fashion and trends are emerging. As usual though, they’re unique and different from preceding years: some trends are new and others are a blast from the past. Regardless of your style, there’s something for everybody to embrace as the temperatures dip and the leaves begin to fall. …(more)

Labor Day Vacation: Make it a ‘stay-cation’!

Retail stores have had back-to-school gear for weeks, talk of the football season is madly swirling about and nighttime temperatures are beginning to dip for many of us. Add all these things up and it’s obvious: summer is officially waning. While kids may rue summer’s exit (while parents likely celebrate it!), this time of the …(more)

The 4-1-1 on Steph

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we interview a different member of the House Party Team, asking the big questions that are on everyone’s minds. In this one, we’re chatting with Stephanie Howard, a Senior Program Manager on the Program Operations team. Steph joined House Party 5 years ago and ever since, we’ve loved the …(more)

Easy weeknight dinner ideas

When you have tired, hungry kids to feed, dinnertime can start to feel like a real drag. Especially since it typically coincides with the “witching hour” — that hour (or two) when your kids whine, you long for wine and the notion of #winning is replaced by a dreaded sense of a massive #fail. Well, …(more)

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday!

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month. (A blessed stroke of POTUS’s pen if we may say so ourselves!) He also declared that the third Sunday in July would be the official National Ice Cream Day. So, we think it’s a great time to celebrate this frosty treat and grab …(more)

Visit to Sarasota, FL

With the harsh winter we had this year, I was hankering to get away to somewhere warm. After seeing Siesta Key Beach pop up as the #1 ranked beach in the US by Trip Advisor, combined with the fact that I’d never visited Florida’s west coast, I set my sights on visiting Sarasota, FL. After …(more)

July 4th party prep

On Saturday we celebrate July 4th, our national celebration of our adoption of the Declaration of the Independence, which happened 236 years ago. It’s a day to celebrate our great country and get together with friends and family. We’ve shared many party prep tips in the past on this blog, and found many great resources across …(more)

Can I have an extra second?

Well actually – yes, yes you can! In a few days the universe will grant you one extra second in your day. This extra moment is called a Leap Second. You may know about a leap year, which happens every 4 years when an extra day is added to the month of February to keep …(more)

Cheers to National Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice cream sodas were invented in the 1800’s in Philadelphia when ice cream was added to soda as a way to keep it cold when there was no ice available. Today, we are thankful for whoever this resourceful soul was who put the two together and we’ve since discovered many varieties and ways to enjoy the …(more)

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