Memorial Day party planning – simplified!

Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the US military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. For more history of the holiday, see our post from last year. Perhaps you’re celebrating the holiday this year …(more)

5 tips to prepare for spring and summer!

Spring is here at last. At last! We survived that long, cold, dark winter and sunny days are finally here. Well, they may not all be sunny but they’re most certainly warmer… and before warm turns to hot, here are a few housekeeping/kid-keeping tips to make sure your home is in order before summer arrives.   …(more)

Parental spring fever

My typically very organized brain has been falling apart of late. In talking to some friends, the same thing is happening to them! It’s a phenomenon I’m taking the liberty to call it “parental spring fever.” This isn’t the kind of spring fever though where you’re falling in love, enjoying the warmer temps outdoors and …(more)

Queen for the day: Mother’s Day

As my son summed it up in his Mother’s Day card to me a few years ago (pictured above), Mother’s Day means we Moms get to be “queen for the day” or better yet “me and Dad have to work while Mom is lazy”.  While I am looking forward to the chance to kick up …(more)

Salad swaps to the rescue

Is your goal to eat healthy but your meal plans are becoming a bit boring? Switch it up by starting a salad swap in your town or office and end up with a different healthy lunch for every day of the week — and maybe even a fun get-together to kick it all off and …(more)

Grab a mic – it’s National Karaoke Week!

Some of you already read “karaoke” and were instantly enthralled, while others were likely just as instantly…mortified. Such is the nature of karaoke it seems. For many of the extroverts out there, it’s a perfect way to blow off steam, recite your fave tunes and just have fun. For the more introverted among us, karaoke …(more)

Time to take your kids to work!

You see them in the morning as they get ready. You throw breakfast together and then…poof, they’re out the door and off to school. You then see them after work when they’ve returned home, rich with new stories of their days and discoveries (unless they’re teenagers…then you might not be able to get the time of day …(more)

5 Natural cleaning alternatives

I’m going to be honest, I hate cleaning. I mean who actually enjoys it? But I want a clean home so it’s a necessary evil. What isn’t necessary though is bringing toxic chemicals into my home with most off-the-shelf cleaning products. There are actually so many natural cleaning alternatives that allow you to make your …(more)

5 Delicious smoothie recipes

Where would we be without smoothies? It seems these creamy and healthy concoctions are everywhere these days and it makes me wonder how I lived most of my life without them. Last year I splurged on a Vitamix blender and I’ve been hooked ever since. Anything and everything goes into that machine which blends it …(more)

The 4-1-1 on Melody Claassen

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we’ll interview a different member of the House Party staff, asking the big questions that are on everyone’s minds. This time we’re hearing from Melody Claassen. Stephanie Howard, who interviewed her, would describe Mel (as she likes to be called) as creative, joyful and moral. All are adjectives that …(more)

5 spring cleaning tips

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: spring cleaning. Each year as the seasons change, I’m stunned by the amount of stuff we accumulate. In our case, this “stuff” includes a whole lot of baby gear, preschool paintings, kindergarten homework, naked dolls and trucks without wheels. Fortunately, I have some great friends …(more)

Batter up, it’s baseball time!

Spring is finally here and the first Major League Baseball game is coming up this Monday — and we’re excited about it! To us, baseball means: Ice cream:   Homeruns:   Mascots:   Elite sporting moves:   The only time Cracker Jack truly makes sense:   Teamwork:   Trendy new looks:   Fun fan moments: …(more)

Favorite April Fools’ pranks according to YOU!

April Fools’ Day sneakily rolls around once a year and is a creative melee for friends and family alike, but it’s increasingly a fun outlet for brands, too.  It provides just the excuse we all need for a bit of fun and pranking (hopefully always in a good-natured way of course!) Whether it’s a room full of balloons, a strategically-placed whoopie cushion …(more)

5 healthy springtime gift baskets

Spring is a popular time to give gift baskets, especially around Easter. But the traditional Easter basket is often laden with sugar and artificial ingredients. So try one of these healthier springtime gift baskets, which can work for both little as well as bigger kids, or even adults.   Butterfly basket Get creative and load up …(more)

Member spotlight

Here at House Party, we know a thing or two about throwing a party. So we thought, who better to share some insights into hosting, than some of the very hosts who are House Party members. In this new ongoing series, we’ll be interviewing some current House Party hosts and members for their take on being …(more)

The ’70/30 Rule’ for parenting

Since our kids don’t come with a handbook, I’ve always taken it upon myself to try to learn more about different parenting techniques by reading books, blogs, articles and even attending lectures by authorities whose teachings I’ve grown to respect. Some might argue that parenting is instinctual and that you don’t need to be taught …(more)

Major league soccer season kick-off

Typically when spring rolls around, most Americans are waiting with baited breath for baseball season. But believe it or not, there’s another sport that gets going right about the same time and it’s actually becoming pretty popular. I’m referring to Major League Soccer. Now, many people in this country become soccer fans every four years when the …(more)

Lighter meals for spring

Believe it or not, after the long and torturously cold winter we’ve had — at least here in the Northeast — spring is almost upon us! (cue happy dance!) And with the arrival of spring comes a shift from warm and heavy meals to much lighter fare. So, we’ve got some yummy, light recipes that …(more)

6 themed happy hour ideas

At House Party, we have a monthly “Thirsty Thursday” Happy Hour where each department takes turns organizing the festivities: drinks, decorations, etc. (Rest assured, we’re all 21+). It’s a fun way to let employees get creative while providing an outlet for friendly, informal competition and fun. Here are some we’ve done over the past year:   …(more)

March Madness bracketology begins NOW!

That time of the year is back again. We’ve slogged all the way through a long winter and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring? No, though many of us up in the Northeast are certainly looking forward to that. However, for the time being, the light at the end of …(more)

Five natural beauty alternatives

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Mainstream bath and beauty products can often contain chemicals that may be harsh on both you and the environment, so why not try a few of these easy, natural swaps. Here are five natural beauty alternatives: Henna hair dye You may …(more)

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