It’s time for the Emmys

Television will pay tribute to their best on August 25th, a little earlier than normal. This could mean some melted makeup and pit stains on the Emmys’ red carpet, or we can hope. Cause we like to keep it real. Although if the weather in LA is anything like it’s been in NY, it’s more …(more)

Vote for House Party!

As you may know by now, we try very hard here at House Party to stay updated on all of the current trends and technologies that’ll make our platform and company the best it can be for YOU! The past three years we’ve had the amazing opportunity to head down to Austin, TX for the …(more)

House Party Summer Picnic

Every summer we get together out of the office to unwind, have some fun and of course, eat, drink and be merry. Here are some pictures of this year’s annual House Party Summer Picnic!

Happy Left-Handers Day

Last year we wrote a post about National Left-Handers Day and got a great response from our own left-handed community members! So, we wouldn’t let this day pass without a shout out to all the left-handers. So, enjoy #LeftHandersDay with a few fun facts! 5 fun facts about left-handers 4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh …(more)

Making sure back to school is nothing but cool!

It’s that time of year again! No, not the holidays…at least not yet (though retailers might already be trying to convince you otherwise!). It’s back to school time and that means a fair amount of prep work ensuring that your kids are on track for a smooth transition back into the swing of the academic …(more)

3 ways to use your car in non-conventional ways

The average commute time to work is 25.4 minutes, so think about how much you could accomplish in that amount of time if you could do more than just driving! In this on-the-go society, why not tap into free energy through an unlikely resource – your car! Here are alternate ways to use your car …(more)

Pack your bags: Costa Rica

First, came our our engagement. Then, the wedding and honeymoon planning.  And, finally, last month, our enchanting and unforgettable wedding day! After all that planning and preparation, the icing on the cake was our honeymoon — a trip to Costa Rica — to kick-off our marriage. We’ve done a pretty good job documenting the two-year process of our engagement and wedding planning and …(more)

Helping your kids eat healthy

Research has shown time and time again (as well as simple common sense!) that proper nutrition is key to childhood development. Yet, while it’s easy to agree on this, it’s altogether another issue to get kids to actually eat healthy food, much less enjoy doing it. With childhood obesity ticking past the 20% mark in …(more)

8 awesome recipes for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich day, so naturally we want to prepare you with some recipes that totally rock. Because what better way to spend a summer Saturday than grabbing supplies and making fun, cool treats with your kids, friends, neighbors – anyone! 1. Cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich Grab a tube of the …(more)

A walk down memory lane: summer nostalgia

You might have figured out we’re quite big fans of summer around here. From frozen treats and cocktails to must-have beach accessories, we can’t get enough of this sweltering season! And we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for things that just scream summer in the mind of any kid. There will always be generational items that just bring you …(more)

Must have beach accessories

Summer and the beach go hand in hand. But a trip to the beach often requires lots of hands as you lug everything and the kitchen sink with you. Of course you know you need a hat, sunscreen, flip-flops, water, a blanket, etc., but what other cool things would make your trip better? We’ve got …(more)

This takes the cake…

With a name like House Party we see our fair share of fun party favors, excited party day Group Photos and amazing spreads of food. But, there’s one part of our campaigns we’ve come to recognize that truly showcases the creativity, skill and advocacy of our members: cakes! That’s right some batter, frosting and imagination in …(more)

Frozen drink recipes…for adults

Summer just isn’t summer without an opportunity to enjoy plenty a’ frozen beverage. So, in this — the second installment in our guide to frozen, delicious drink recipes — we bring you some adult-focused frozen drinks to kick-back with and let the summer melt away (literally!) Frozen Grapefruit Margarita: If there’s any flavor associated with summer, citrus …(more)

Our 8 favorite frozen treat recipes

If summer does one thing, it gives us an excuse to eat lots of frozen treats! After all, it’s hot outside and we need to keep cool. So whether you prefer ice cream, sno-cones, slushies or sorbet, we’ve got yummy frozen treat recipes to keep you cool all summer long. Coconut pops: I love coconut. …(more)

How to make your clothes more versatile

The more often you wear pieces of clothing or accessories, the more cost-effective and valuable they become. Here are some tips and tricks to wear your clothes in unusual ways to get the most bang for your buck — and get creative — while still looking great! 1) Wear a skirt over a dress for …(more)

It’s free Slurpee Day!

It’s that day of the year again! Today from 11am-7pm visit participating 7-Eleven stores for your free small Slurpee! We love this day (as you can see) so much that we wrote an Ode to the Slurpee last year. But that’s not all! This year 7-Eleven is keeping the fun going all week and giving …(more)

Pack your bags: Sonoma

If you’ve read some of my posts or checked out my bio then you know I’m a bit of a wine lover. And while I’ve now been to Napa Valley twice, I’ve never visited it’s larger sister, Sonoma. So in a very impromptu decision with a friend from college, Cindy, we planned a long whirlwind …(more)

7 more summer gift basket ideas

Melody shared 5 great ideas for summer gift baskets that were such a hit, we’re adding 7 more to the list! 1. Cheers! If you’re headed to a party or BBQ, this is a great gift for the host. Get all the ingredients needed to make a delicious summer cocktail, some drink-specific glasses and an …(more)

Happy Fourth of July!

To each one of our House Party community members we wish you a fun, relaxing and safe Fourth of July holiday! How’re you marking the occasion? Tell us in the comments below…you might just give us an idea that’ll make our 4th just a bit more fun!

Summer book recommendations

Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. So whether you’re killing time on a plane (hopefully going on a wonderful summer vacay), relaxing on the beach or kicking back at home, we’ve got some great summer book recommendations for you! Carefree reads Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook This fun beach novel follows …(more)