Happy ThanksGIFing, one and all!

THANKSGIVING!!! It’s finally here, in all it’s family-hugging, belt-busting, tryptophan-releasing, football-cheering splendor. We know that you’re likely running last-minute errands, whipping-up that 3rd pumpkin pie or vacuuming madly before the guests arrive — just like us. So, we’ll keep today’s blog post short, sweet and enjoyable so you can get on with your Thanksgiving and spending it …(more)

5 Easy DIY Craft Gifts for $5 or Less

The holidays are upon us, and the spirit of gift-giving is in the air! Take matters into your own hands this season by trying these DIY crafts, all for $5 or less. They’re easy and fun to make, while allowing you to re-purpose common items you may already have around the house. Soda Tab Bracelets - Total …(more)

November: What better time to bake with pumpkin?

It’s November again, and that means seeing red, orange and yellow, both in the trees and also in our kitchens. You might remember I wrote about visiting the pumpkin patch last month and using the pumpkins to make fresh pumpkin purée, which can be used to make pumpkin pies and treats for Thanksgiving. I wanted to …(more)

House Party Blog Book Club: Orphan Train Discussion

You guys voted and chose Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline as our November book club selection. The story behind the book is based on this: “Between 1854 and 1929, so-called orphan trains ran regularly from the cities of the East Coast to the farmlands of the Midwest, carrying thousands of abandoned children whose fates …(more)

Indoor workout apps: no more excuses

With winter fast approaching, many of us tend to hibernate from exercising and come spring, we’ve got the requisite 10-15 pounds to show for it. But just because it’s harder to get outside to be active doesn’t mean you need to slack on fitness. And you shouldn’t! Remember a faster metabolism keeps you warmer, so …(more)

Like to blog? Guest blog for us!

So, you’ve been reading the House Party Blog diligently, exploring some of your favorite posts and authors and perhaps wondering how you could get even more out of your House Party Blog experience. Well, if this describes you, we hear you…and we have a solution. (If this isn’t you, not-to-worry. This post can apply to you as well!) …(more)

How to participate in a fitness competition

Before you laugh and say something like, “yeah, I’m not exactly a professional athlete”, the whole point of participating in a fitness competition is to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do something you don’t think you’re capable of doing. Take it from me, a former overweight/obese girl-turned woman, who’s only …(more)

This day in history: November 7

Happy Friday, everyone! In case you don’t have a calendar nearby, today is November 7th meaning there are 54 days left of 2014 and exactly 3 weeks until Black Friday. Today, AT&T is launching the HTC Desire Eye and RE Camera. Also, musicians Lorde (18) and David Guetta (47) will celebrate birthdays. If you feel …(more)

Get out your vote

Tomorrow is Election Day and while this isn’t a Presidential election year, most states have other important races going on. From Senate and the House of Representatives to Governor, chances are your state has several candidates vying for office or re-election. Here are some key races to watch in several states and also a breakdown of which …(more)

Love it or loathe it: Candy Corn

Liz and I went head to head last year over our love or hate for New Year’s Eve. So we decided to continue to do battle, albeit, politely, over another polarizing and seasonally-apropos item, candy corn. Danielle What’s not to love about candy corn? It’s seasonal so you don’t get sick of it. It comes in …(more)

House Party’s 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off Recap

Thank you for all of the great submissions for our 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off. For our community entrants, we selected Brian C.’s Sweet Potato Chorizo Chili, Dian R.’s Harvest Pumpkin Chili and Tabitha S.’s Beef Chili (with chocolate!) to be entered into our cook-off among Stephanie’s No-Bean Chili, Robin’s White Chicken Chili and Mel C’s …(more)

It’s #HousePartyHalloween Costume Contest Time!

It’s that time of the year to bring out the witch hats, scary masks, face paint and the like and put together your best costumes! House Party wants to get in on the fun so we’re putting together our first official costume contest! Between now and November 2, 2014 enter a photo of your costume …(more)

Travel tips from House Party pros

As Mark Twain famously said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” So of course, we at the House Party Blog love to stretch our wings and experience all the world has to offer. And whether we’ve been to 1 destination or 100, we all have travel tips to share about heading out of town.   …(more)

10 Fast Fusion Food Recipes

Sometimes we fall into the humdrum habit of making the same types of meals over and over again. Why not ‘turn over a new leaf’ this season by taking a more eclectic approach to cuisine? Give some of these recipes a try to add easy, creative twists to your meals. Many of them are allergy-friendly as …(more)

Trick or Treating Tips for Parents

Ah, Halloween. That festival of merriment. Kids in costume. Candy. Lots of candy. Pumpkin carving. Cobwebs and creepy decorations. If you’re a parent of little ones, it’s a whirlwind of sugar highs and the inevitable sugar lows. Oh those lows. So how do you tackle the seemingly never-ending Trick or Treat-a-thon and get everyone home at …(more)

Pack your bags: Japan

Why Japan? I jumped at the chance to travel to Japan back in April, while at the same time convincing myself that an almost 14-hour airplane ride across the West would be worth it to experience “The Land of the Rising Sun.” I have a love for Japanese food and culture. The country of Japan …(more)

Cooking with Larry: Coconut Flour Chocolate Lava Cakes

I’m crazy for coconuts. I love the flavor and also love using all aspects of the nut for cooking and baking. I even make my own coconut milk. Lately I’ve been experimenting with coconut flour. There are many supposed health benefits gained by cooking with it, but I’m fascinated by how little flour you need to actually bake …(more)

Pack your bags: adventures in Europe

Back in August I embarked on an 11-day trip around Europe with 3 very good friends that I grew up with and our significant others. To get 8 people together for an overseas vacation and to agree on the places to visit, was no small feat, and thankfully we all had a wonderful time. We …(more)